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Web mail is one of the most useful web applications on the Internet, it allows you to access, send, receive and manage your email through a web browser. The great part of web mail is that you can access your email from almost any computer around the world, as long as it has an Internet connection and web browser.
MyMail is our new online mail solution for MCB users.
The main difference in using mymail to the previous webmail solution (Squirrel Mail) is your username is now your FULL email address and not just the first part as before and your password is the same and linked in to your Maia Spamguard password.
What does this mean???
It means that from now your email and maia passwords will both be the linked together meaning one password for both.
You will be able to change your own passsword in your Maia settings “Change Login” which will change your email password and maia password at the same time.
“Webmail” which is in fact squirrel mail is being left in place and has been causing some confusion although it is still in the same place it always has been, below the webmail button and either at the “@mcb.net” as before or at “OLD webmail@mcb.net Squirrel Mail”.
Don’t forget this one only requires the first part of you email address so “someone@mcb.net” login would be just “someone” and the password set by MCB.
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